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    RPC's Rules.

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    RPC's Rules. Empty RPC's Rules.

    Post by EmmyBear<3 on Mon May 30, 2011 11:01 pm

    Hi everyone. I'm Emmy. Thank you for joining(:
    Have fun, but here are the rules you need to follow ..

    1.Swearing is allowed,but don't go overboard.

    2. No being rude to members.

    3. Don't bash on other sites.

    4. Youtube links, for now, don't have to be approved. If it gets inappropriate, then they will have to.

    5. Listen to staff at all times or you will be banned for a limited amount of time.

    6. You only need one account , and if I or another staff member see you with a multiple account , you will be banned .

    7. Do NOT post your last name, address, city, zip code, or picture at ANY time. Any other information is okay.

    8. Do not SPAM!

    9. Do not advertise your site anywhere else but your signature .

    10. RP's are for fun , we allow pregnancies etc. do not go into full detail if you do , you can be banned for a period of time.

    Anyone who fails to abide by these rules will be banned .
    The rules were alot less strict , but we need more strict rules .

    Have fun on RPC.
    - Rpc staff.

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